Business Mediation When Selling Your Business April 10, 2020 | Business Litigation

selling your companyWhen the time comes to sell your business, you may find yourself at odds with business partners or others who have a stake in the company. In most cases, this will involve such matters as who will be given controlling interest in the company, whether or not certain ideas or products are property of the company or individuals, and various other matters. While these matters could be resolved in court, the process may take months and be a matter of public record. To avoid delays and other difficult situations, it may be best to use mediation. To learn how this can be effective when selling your business, turn to Tampa business attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates.

Less Formal Setting

Should emotions be running high among those involved in this dispute, using mediation can help in that it will be a less formal setting than a courtroom. Along with allowing everyone to relax a bit, this presents the opportunity for the mediator to suggest innovative solutions to problems. In some cases, an apology or allowing a person to walk away with a certain product idea is all it takes to complete the process of selling a business.

Contract Negotiations

Since selling a business will involve many complex details, it will be critical to have everything clearly spelled out in all contracts associated with the transaction. To do so, always work with business litigation lawyers in Palm Beach FL. Since they can be present during a mediation session, you can rely on their advice to reach an agreement that will best serve everyone involved. To get the results you seek, work closely with Tampa business attorneys who are familiar with mediation.

To discuss using mediation when selling your business, consult with business litigation lawyers in Palm Beach FL at the Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates.