Can Accounting Fraud Be Accidental? April 10, 2019 | Legal Blog

Accounting fraud is a very serious charge that can be levied against companies or individuals. Many businesses and accountants may not even be aware that they are acting fraudulently. Yet the government will still seek to incarcerate and fine those who are convicted of accounting fraud. Can you commit accounting fraud accidentally? And if so, can you be held accountable?

Types of Accounting Fraud

Accounting fraud can take on many forms, and some of them can be unintentional. Some of the charges you might face in accounting fraud include:

  • Recording more sales revenue than occurred
  • Not recording expenses or income appropriately
  • Misdirecting funds
  • Failing to report investments
  • Failing to report assets in a way that affects taxes
  • General falsification of accounting records

Any of these charges could occur from honest mistakes on the part of an accountant or accounting team member. When you are charged with accounting fraud for one of these reasons, the government will seek to prove that you knew that the mistake was made, and did so intentionally. They may also seek to prove that you did so to the benefit of yourself or the company.

What to Do

If you are charged with accounting fraud, you need to get legal representation right away. Even if you believe fully that you are innocent of any wrongdoing, it is important to have a lawyer fighting on your side. An experienced attorney can evaluate your case and accounting records to discover why you are being charged, if a mistake was in fact made, and mount a defense on your behalf. If you have been charged with accounting fraud, contact us today for a consultation.