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Tampa Bay Construction Defect Disputes

Construction defects can lead to significant financial consequences for property owners, contractors, and other stakeholders involved in construction projects in Tampa Bay. These defects can range from cosmetic issues, such as paint flaws or uneven flooring, to more severe problems, like structural failures, water damage, or code violations. To address and resolve construction defect disputes, […]

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Florida Business Mediations

Florida business mediations are an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method employed to address conflicts that arise between businesses or between a business and its stakeholders. Instead of going through a costly and time-consuming litigation process, parties in dispute can opt for mediation, which is a more collaborative, informal, and flexible approach. Mediation is facilitated by […]

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Tampa Bay Business Disputes: Misappropriation of Assets

In Tampa Bay, businesses are not immune to conflicts and disputes. These disagreements can often arise in the form of contract disputes, employment issues, or intellectual property disputes, among others. However, one type of dispute that can have far-reaching consequences is the misappropriation of assets. Engaging the services of experienced business litigation attorneys in Tampa, […]

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Construction Claims Disputes

Construction sites and construction companies must navigate legalities and regulations daily to promote smooth business flow and keep everyone safe. Sometimes, there are disputes regarding construction site law that require professional assistance to resolve. When construction law disputes arise, choosing a law group with experience and insight is important to get the best results. Construction […]

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Breach of Warranty Claims

When it comes to civil litigation, breach of warranty claims are among the most common types. Fortunately, if you believe that another party is responsible for a breach of warranty, you have recourse. A breach of warranty is a specific type of breach of contract and can lead to substantial damages. It’s wise to speak […]

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Intellectual Property – Copy Right Infringement

Understanding Copyright Infringement Florida Statute In Florida, the three most important ways to protect intellectual property are through patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Any fresh and unique decorative design for an object of production may qualify for patent protection, as may any beneficial innovations, such as a new product, a new way of doing business, or […]

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Joint Venture Disagreements

In many cases, joint ventures are ideal solutions for harnessing other companies’ and corporate entities’ capabilities and talents. However, sometimes there are disagreements, and when this occurs, you need the professional assistance of a legal representative with experience in this area of law practice. Joint Venture Disagreements Joint ventures are collaborations between business entities or […]

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Multi-Jurisdiction Commercial Disputes

Anyone with multi-jurisdictional commercial disputes must deal with several lawsuits spanning multiple jurisdictions. Some of them include the following: Disputes over fees Breach of contract Fraud Insolvency Commercial and professional negligence Trade provisions and other issues These disputes cause business owners a lot of stress. They’re also often financially debilitating and time-consuming. So if you […]

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Great to work with and Very effective! Many Thanks to attorney Drew Patterson, who handled a business lawsuit for me in a very professional and timely manner resulting in the case being dismissed. In my opinion, Drew was very knowledgeable, asked pertinent questions, explained things easily and understandably, and was a pleasure to work with. He gets it done! If I need an attorney again, Drew will be the first one I call. Additionally, the staff at Robert Eckard & Associates were always courteous and helpful.

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The best of the best Drew was an excellent lawyer for me! He is a very respectful and intelligent young man that will always handle any business in a professional manor. Anytime I reached out to him he responded to me within minutes. Would recommend Drew to anyone I know in the future!

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