Complex Business & Commercial Litigation

December 01, 2023

business, justice law, insurance and legal serviceAt its core, business litigation involves legal disputes related to commercial and corporate matters. Both areas demand a nuanced understanding of business law and strategic litigation approaches.

With extensive experience in state and federal courts in Florida and beyond, our business litigation attorneys in Tampa, FL, are well-equipped to handle a broad spectrum of disputes.
In these cases, the legal challenges are not only diverse but also highly intricate. They often involve multiple parties from different jurisdictions, necessitating a deep understanding of both state and federal laws and sometimes international legal principles. The contracts and agreements in question are typically complex, with layers of clauses and stipulations that require meticulous analysis and interpretation.

The financial stakes in complex business and commercial litigation are usually significant, with outcomes potentially impacting a company’s bottom line or market position. This high-stakes environment demands strategic legal planning and a proactive approach to litigation. It’s not just about winning a legal argument; it’s also about preserving a company’s reputation, operational functionality, and long-term strategic goals.

Seasoned Business Litigation Attorneys in Tampa, FL

Complex business and commercial litigation demands a skilled and experienced legal team. At The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates, P.A., our team of seasoned business litigation attorneys in Tampa, FL, is well-versed in handling complex cases. With extensive experience in both state and federal courts, we provide tailored legal strategies designed to protect your interests and achieve favorable outcomes. For legal guidance and representation in your complex commercial and business litigation, contact us today for a consultation.

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Drew Patterson is an exceptional, multifaceted attorney. He continually strives to understand the intricacies of our business and produce results. He is highly recommended.

I dealt with Drew on a business lawsuit and he did a hell of a job, being very thorough and winning the case for me. He also recommended me a very good thorough lawyer for a different lawsuit and I'm very pleased with everything that Drew has done not only in the one case but his referrals as well. Would definitely recommend and refer friends to him.

I cannot express enough the immediate efforts of Drew to solve the problem at hand was something you don't see often nowadays. Drew was able to completely prevent something from happening that would have changed the course of my life. If anyone wants a lawyer that makes you feel like you are his number 1 priority hire Drew!!!! Definitely recommending him to anyone that is in need of legal counsel.

Great to work with and Very effective! Many Thanks to attorney Drew Patterson, who handled a business lawsuit for me in a very professional and timely manner resulting in the case being dismissed. In my opinion, Drew was very knowledgeable, asked pertinent questions, explained things easily and understandably, and was a pleasure to work with. He gets it done! If I need an attorney again, Drew will be the first one I call. Additionally, the staff at Robert Eckard & Associates were always courteous and helpful.

Thank you for all you did for me during this difficult time I couldn’t ask for a better team of lawyers even when I was lamenting the speed of things, you guys are professional, tenacious, and know your sh-t!.

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