Consequences of Immigration Crimes October 1, 2021 | Immigration

immigration crimeImmigration crimes are some of the most serious offenses that a person can commit. They affect the individual and their family and other people with whom they come in contact. Tampa immigration officials do not take it lightly when people commit immigration crimes. Immigration crimes include a variety of things.

Entering or residing in the United States without being authorized to do so.

Illegal entry after having been deported from the United States if this was done within five years before committing a new immigration crime.

Making false statements to an officer of Customs and Border Protection, even if it is not under oath.

Using fraudulent documents to try to become a citizen or get a job.

Consequences of Committing Immigration Crimes

Some of the consequences of these crimes include being deported, paying several thousand dollars in fines, and spending an exceptionally long time in prison. You will also not qualify for specific jobs or services because these crimes will show up on background checks and service applications. A Tampa immigration attorney could help defend someone who has committed an immigration crime if it is their first offense and has no criminal history.

How an Immigration Attorney Tampa Can Help

A qualified immigration attorney in Tampa can help you through the immigration process. You deserve the ability to start your life over and pursue your dreams legally. One of the most crucial aspects of this is making sure you stay out of trouble. Suppose you do find yourself accused of an immigration crime. In that case, the immigration lawyer will want to represent you to make sure all relevant facts to your case are presented at the right stage of the criminal proceedings and in the best light. It’s best if a person accused of these types of crimes does not attempt to navigate the criminal system on their own.

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