FL Criminal Defense Common Cases: Why You Need a Lawyer August 7, 2020 | Criminal

criminal defense

The state of Florida sees thousands of criminal cases going through the Court system monthly. Statistics have shown that most accused persons often end up with a guilty verdict, as the rate of acquittal is very low. If you are facing any criminal charges, it’s critical that you have a Tampa criminal defense attorney act for you. With an experienced criminal lawyer in Tampa, you can minimize the severity of your punishment.


Here are some of the criminal defense common cases in Florida:

Crimes against property
Theft and burglary, also known as crimes against property, are among the most common in Florida criminal defense cases. Chapter 812 of section 014 of Florida law defines theft as voluntary deprivation of the other person a benefit from their property. If found guilty of theft or any other crimes against property, you risk permanent destruction of your reputation. An experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney knows the impact of a bad reputation and will therefore work towards securing an acquittal or fines with lesser impact.

Drug-related cases
According to Chapter 893, section 13 of Florida law, drug charges are defined as the illegal possession of controlled substances. A drug case can either be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the amount of drugs involved. A first-degree felony can lead to the offender spending up to thirty years in jail. Therefore, to aggressively defend your drug case, you need to work with the best criminal defense lawyer in Tampa FL, like an attorney from The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates. With the presence of rehabilitation programs, your attorney can fight for non-custodial sentencing.

Violence-related crimes
Domestic violence and other violence-related crimes account for the most criminal filings in Florida. Chapter 741, section 28 of Florida law has given domestic violence a wide definition. A Florida judge could convict an accused person by the prosecution proving intent, even if you did not commit the actual crime. Working with an attorney from Robert Eckard & Associates can help you build an extensive defense to secure your freedom.