How Do I Make an Appeal in the State of Florida? September 25, 2020 | Criminal

appealIf you have received a final judgement of a criminal case that you are unhappy with, you may be interested in filing an appeal of the case. An appeal is a request to have the decision of a lower level of court reviewed by a higher court. If you feel that your case’s decision was incorrect, a litigation attorney Tampa can begin the process of filing an appeal on your behalf. Before you can proceed with this step, you should be fully aware of how this process works and what you will need to do.

Criminal Case Appeals

If you wish to file an appeal in the state of Florida, you must do so within 30 days of when your case is decided. The first step is to prepare the notice of appeal and to pay the filing fee. The notice of appeal is a document that states the reasons why you are filing the appeal. This document should specify what about the current decision you feel is incorrect. You must note that in the appeal you can’t introduce new facts or evidence as the court will only consider that which was shared in the initial hearing. In addition to the notice, you have to include a filing fee. When you file the appeal, you have to pay the circuit court a fee of $100 in addition to any smaller processing fees. Once the Court of Appeals receives your file, you will then have to pay that court a fee of $300.

A Tampa criminal defense attorney can help you through each step of the process by drafting the necessary documents for the appeal and preparing everything for submission. They can also explain where everything must be filed and the ways in which you can pay the fees.

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