Most Common Business Disputes

July 30, 2021

Most Common Business Disputes
business disputes

The disputes that arise in partnerships and between shareholders are often complex, but there are many solutions to many of these issues. It’s common to wonder if it’s time to start seeking a Palm Harbor business attorney.

Business Litigation Attorneys in Palm Beach FL See Common Business Disputes

There are several types of business disputes that business attorneys help with, but here are a few of the most common.
Contract Disputes: Contact disputes can happen between business and vendor, between business partners, and between employee and employer. These involve any misunderstanding or disagreement about the terms of a contract or understanding of the facts that led to a series of events that the contract terms should solve. Disputes leave business owners wondering what they should do if they feel there’s been a breach of contract, whether oral agreements are binding, under what conditions the verbal conversations are binding, and what to do if they’re being accused of an unresolved contract dispute.

Partner Disputes: With more than one business partner or business owner within a company, sometimes things change, and partners want out of the company, a partner may insist on being bought out even though the contract technically doesn’t call for it, or perhaps one or more partners cannot agree on a negotiation matter.

Employee Disputes: These types of disputes arise most commonly when dealing with hiring contracts, lack of promotions, disagreements over bonus payouts, final paycheck amounts, and accusations surrounding misconduct between employees or between employees and managers.

Business Litigation Lawyers in Palm Beach FL Help with Disputes

It’s important to remember during disputes that there is a resolution. Working with a qualified business lawyer can provide clarification on the interpretation of the contract terms. Using this as a baseline, the business lawyer then helps each party come to a fair agreement for resolution. The best time to work with business litigation lawyers in Palm Beach, FL, is before you even need a contract to come up with terms that protect all parties involved. Contact The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates for a free consultation.

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