Temporary Protective Status: Who is Eligible? May 28, 2021 | Family

Temporary Protective StatusWhat is Temporary Protective Status?

Temporal Protected Status, or TPS, refers to a grant by the Secretary of Homeland Security, which allows foreign nationals to temporarily stay in the U.S. temporarily when they cannot return to their country due to certain circumstances or conditions in their original countries that present harm to their safety.

Some of these circumstances or conditions harming the safety of such individuals under TPS include:

  • Civil war and armed conflict
  • An environmental or climatic disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake
  • An epidemic
  • Any other temporary yet extraordinary condition that may harm safety.

What are The Benefits of Temporary Protected Status?

There are several benefits of Temporary Protected Status. The holders of TPS enjoy:

  1. A non-removable status from the U.S., which means that the holder cannot be detained by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) based on their immigration status
  2. Eligibility for a travel authorization, and
  3. Eligibility for an employment authorization document or EAD.

Who is Eligible for Temporary Protected Status?

There are several requirements of eligibility for the TPS, such as:

  • One must be a national of a designated country that has filed for the temporal protection status in a specific registration period or a person without a nationality who had lastly resided in the designated nation
  • One must have continuously physically been present (CPP) in the U.S. since the first effective day of the recent most designation date of your original country
  • Have a clean record free from felonies or misdemeanors committed in the United States.

If you do not meet any of these eligibility requirements, you may not acquire or maintain your TPS status.

How Can A Lawyer Help with Temporary Protected Status?

A Palm Harbor FL Immigration Attorney can be effective in helping you acquire your Temporary Protected Status. The lawyer will help you provide the required documents to prove your eligibility. The lawyer will guide you through the process of finding and presenting your documents of proof of residence. Some of these documents include TPS submission forms, citizenship information, photos, passports, and other essential documents.

Final Thoughts

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