Dear Robert,

Thank you for your help with this matter. Because of your relationships and wisdom, I have been given another chance to practice medicine again and learn from my mistakes. This has been a life changing experience leading to soul searching as to who I really am and what is important. It has been a spiritual awaking underlying the fact what is important is that I work with integrity, boundaries, wisdom, enjoy being a doctor and healer.

I have gotten to know you and your staff in the storm of adversity. Here is where you learn the character about those in that storm with you. Here is what I have learned about you; You have a tough guy exterior with an Excalibur Sword with an impressive shield with the logo “show me the money”. Yes, you were expensive, yes I got full value and yes, we won!

My final summary is this, I want you to know I have great respect for you as a decent good man and human being. It has been an enlightening and memorable experience working with you. Please free to call on me anytime for anything medical or otherwise you have earned my enduring gratitude and respect.

– G.M.

Thank you so much for everything! You guys were great!

– Jessica B.

“Rob just wanted to say thank you again for everything you’ve done, I feel better today than I have in two years.” January 17, 2017

– Steven S.

“You guys are great! Never needed an attorney before, and hope not to in the future, but it’s great to know that there are excellent people like you watching my back!!”

– Robert G.

“He has a good sense of potential mitigating factors that might be impacting his clients, and he will seek out other colleagues to help his clients.”

– Dr. Laura Umfer

“He and his associates are well qualified to assume your legal responsibilities. His credentials are impressive and just as important as his dynamic personality.”

– Lucy Dwyer

“Rob is an excellent attorney with knowledge and experience that make you feel comfortable and that you are in good hands.”

– Tamera Martin

“Esteemed in the legal profession, Rob’s success as both a Prosecutor and now in private practice shines through in his attention to his clients, personable demeanor and love for the law and in helping clients attain the best possible outcome in their cases.”

– Tatiana Czaplicki

“First impressions count for a lot, so, too, do final ones. When you come to the realization that you must hire an attorney to represent, advise, guide, and defend you, Robert Eckard should be on your speed dial.”

– Lucy Dwyer

“His law firm was highly proactive and educational throughout all steps of the process, offering us different options and explained the pros and cons of the multiple options we had available to us at each point in time.”

– JP