Types of Cyber Crimes August 13, 2021 | Criminal

What are some common types of cyber crime?

What is Cyber Crime?

phishingCyber crime is any crime committed using or targeting any computer system. Since we all depend on computers for almost every aspect of our lives, knowing the different types of cyber crime is essential to keeping your personal information and identity safe. Cyber crime in Florida is prosecuted as a felony and the damage caused by the crime can increase the potential charges and punishment.

Here are common types of cyber crime within Florida:

  • Cyberstalking crimes where an attacker obsessively stalks someone online through social media and other means of communication to get some form of submission.
  • Identity theft crimes where someone’s credit card or social security information is stolen and used to commit theft or fraud.
  • Hacking crimes where someone gets unauthorized access to a computer or network to steal personal information, get trade secrets, or disrupt business operations.
  • Malware crimes where trojans, viruses, or other malicious software change a computer’s normal functioning to commit other cyber crimes.

How a lawyer can help

If you are near the Gulf Coast area of Florida, a Tampa criminal lawyer can help if you are facing cyber crime charges. An experienced Tampa criminal federal defense attorney will help you work with all the involved parties to gather the information and evidence you need to support your case. Doing this will take a load off your shoulders and help you defend your rights.

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