What to Do When Your Business Is Being Sued October 20, 2018 | Business Litigation

As a business owner, you enter the world of entrepreneurship feeling optimistic and excited to pursue your goals. While business ownership offers many rewards, it also makes you vulnerable to legal action from unhappy customers, vendors, or other parties.

Make sure you understand the implications of being sued and know exactly how to react to mitigate the situation before it turns even uglier.

Catch It Early, If Possible

Before any legal action begins, you will receive a demand letter from the individual who plans to sue you. This demand letter will outline the actions you allegedly took that need to be corrected. This is not a lawsuit, but an opportunity to work with your attorney to respond. It’s possible that you can reach a settlement or even avoid being sued altogether with the right proof.

Respond Promptly

It’s tempting to hide from your lawsuit and wait for it to go away, but that’s not how the process works. You are only allotted a certain number of days to respond to court papers. It’s essential that you review all papers promptly and respond to all requirements.

You also shouldn’t wait to bring your attorney in the loop. Your attorney needs as much time as possible to learn the facts of the case, gathering information, interview witnesses, and build your defense strategy. This is why you need to tell your attorney everything, even confidential information. Your attorney is the only person with the power to bring your business out of a lawsuit successfully.

Find An Experienced, Aggressive Attorney in Florida

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