When You Can Be Charged with Bank Fraud

April 20, 2019

Bank fraud is a serious criminal charge, and it is important that you have an expert legal team on your side to fight it. If you are facing criminal charges due to bank activity, it is important that you understand how and when you can be charged with bank fraud. There are situations in which you may be charged with bank fraud without having intended to ever break the law.

What Constitutes Bank Fraud

Bank fraud occurs when actions are taken to illegally or unethically possess or receive money from a bank or other financial institution. You can be charged with bank fraud if you have credit card fraud, check fraud, electronic funds fraud, or identity theft.

Examples of Accidental Bank Fraud

You may be charged with bank fraud if you possess or receive money from a bank or financial institution, and it can be argued that you knew you were doing so illegally or unethically. For example, if you have several large checks clear your bank without sufficient funds, you have in a way received money from the bank illegally or unethically. Even if you were not aware that the funds were not in your account to cover the checks, this can still end in bank fraud charges.

You might also be charged with bank fraud if you get a credit card from a financial institution where approval was based on misinformation in your application. Even if the omission or falsehood in the application was an honest mistake rather than blatant fraud, you could still be charged with bank fraud.

What to Do

If you have been charged with bank fraud, chances are the government already has a case mounted against you. It is vital that you immediately get legal representation to help you form a defense. If you are facing bank fraud charges, contact us today for a consultation.

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