Examples of Blue Collar Crimes March 26, 2021 | Criminal

blue collar crimesWhat is Blue-Collar Crime?

The designators “blue-collar” and “white-collar” are metaphorical descriptions of the types of jobs individuals have. A white-collar worker may work in an administrative or managerial position, while a blue-collar worker may participate in more manual labor. These designations have also been used to describe types of crimes.

While “Blue-Collar Crime” is not an official legal term, many still use it in contrast with white-collar crime. Blue-collar crimes are typically easier to recognize than white-collar crimes, as white-collar crimes occur with business professionals and government leaders (often involving a type of fraud). Blue-collar crimes tend to be simpler to resolve, as the law that was broken might be more obvious, such as something someone could witness on the street.

Here are some examples of common blue-collar crimes in Florida:

  • Drug crimes such as distribution, manufacturing, and possessing 
  • Theft Crimes such as armed robbery, burglary, or shoplifting
  • Violent crimes such as murder, assault & battery, 
  • Sex Crimes such as sexual assault and prostitution

How a Lawyer can Help

Being charged for a blue-collar crime can be intimidating, which is why you should consult with experienced Blue Collar Criminal Attorneys in Palm Harbor. Having a professional and qualified Palm Harbor Blue Collar Crime Attorney will help your chances of a better outcome. 

We will be able to help you better understand your options after being charged, and we’ll be your advocate in court. A Palm Harbor Criminal Defense Attorney understands that these charges have the potential to forever change the lives of you and your loved ones. We do not take your case lightly. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding blue-collar crimes, don’t hesitate to contact the Palm Harbor Blue Collar Crimes attorneys at The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates, P.A. today. We provide free case evaluations.