Examples of Violent Crimes September 24, 2021 | Criminal

violent crimesViolent crimes are utterly unacceptable in any society. The legal system must protect the public and punish those who commit these deplorable acts of violence. We’ll look at examples of violent crime, how you can fight back against them with a Tampa criminal federal defense attorney, and what you need to know if you find yourself being accused of committing one.

Definition of Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are among the most heinous of the crime classifications. In Florida, there are several different types of violent crimes that take place every day. Violent crime is defined as any act in which one person intentionally commits an act and effectually causes or attempts to cause physical injury to another person or where they threaten someone with imminent bodily harm to their life.

Examples of Violent Crimes

Examples of violent crimes include assaults, battery, robbery, and murder. In Florida, these crimes are often based on intent and happen when either the violence is the object of the crime itself or when the violence occurs as a means to an end. How these things are handled in court depends on who is involved, the result of the crime, how severe a victim’s injuries were, and more.

Tampa Criminal Lawyer Helps with Consequences of Violent Crimes

Many violent crimes carry a felony tag upon conviction. A local federal criminal defense attorney, or a Tampa criminal lawyer, can walk you or a loved one through the criminal accusation court processes. An accused person can face heavy fines, restrictions on contacting a victim, personal monitoring, lose their right to bear arms, face imprisonment (sometimes up to a life sentence), and may even face the death penalty.

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