How to Protect Your Business Trade Secrets in a Business Split April 17, 2020 | Business Transactions

business splitAre you about to split with a longtime business partner? You may be leaving the company or cutting them loose from the fold. You may be terminating the company in order to create a new one. In any case, you may have business trade secrets that you want to keep confidential. How can you ensure this?


Your Best Bet for Protection is Expert Legal Representation

There are a number of ways that business litigation lawyers in Tampa FL can help you keep a tight grip on your business trade secrets. The best way is to help you enforce your nondisclosure agreements and other legal guarantees. If you feel your partners are in breach of these terms, we can help enforce a claim on your behalf.

We can also negotiate with your former partners in order to arrive at a binding legal agreement regarding custody of your trade secrets. If we cannot get them to agree to a deal, we will stand with you through every stage of the resulting court case. Our goal will be to get you full control of all of your assets, including your trade secrets.


Contact the Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates

The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates can connect you with the foremost business litigation lawyers in Tampa FL. We know how to protect your business trade secrets from disclosure during even the messiest separation process. We can work with your ex-partners in order to forge an agreement that will be agreeable to all.

Here at the Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates, we understand what is at stake for you. You want to keep all of your trade secrets confidential in order to protect your income, assets, and livelihood. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to help protect your business trade secrets.