What are the Different Types of Green Cards available in the US? May 21, 2021 | Immigration

types of green cardWhat is a Green Card?

A green card is a document that enables a non-citizen to live permanently in the United States. Many immigrants from outside the United States want a card so they can live and work (legally) anywhere in the country for three or five years before being eligible for citizenship.

The US government issues over a million green cards per year. The majority of the visas are issued to family members of citizens and people who have a green card. With employees from other countries finding jobs in the US coming in second.

Types of Green Cards

There are several types of green cards the most common include the following.


These cards allow people to come into the country and work and live however, you must meet a certain criterion below are a few of the professions that are likely to receive an employment green card. If you’re uncertain about your employment requirements contact an immigration attorney in Palm Harbor Florida.

Investors (a half a million to a million dollars invested in a company that will employ at least ten people), physicians (who work full time in low-income areas), priority workers (who work in education, sciences, arts, and athletics.) Professors and scholars of distinction, skilled (requires a bachelor’s degree) and unskilled positions (seasonal work), and professionals with advanced degrees.


Immediate relatives and their spouses and children of United States citizens may submit an application for a green card if you have questions about your eligibility contact the law office of Robert Eckard & Associates.


Most people need help from a Palm Harbor FL Green Card Attorney for qualification information for this type of green card. This card helps victims of crime and sometimes close family members enter the U.S.

Diversity Lottery

The U.S. chooses fifty-thousand people a year from a pool of people who would like to live in the U.S.

Longtime Resident

When an individual has been residing in the U.S. for several years (legally or illegally) can apply for citizenship. These individuals should contact Palm Harbor FL immigration attorney for assistance.

How a Lawyer Can Help with the Process

There are numerous laws and regulations that are in place when it comes to applying for a green card in the United States. To make sure your paperwork is error-free contact the Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates.