What is Property Crime? June 20, 2019 | Criminal

Property crime is one type of crime that can be either white collar crime or blue collar crime. There are many different types of property crime. For the most part, property crime refers to crime that results in damage or theft of money or property. Learn more about property crime and how to defend yourself when accused.

White Collar Property Crime

White collar property crime usually takes the form of embezzlement or fraud meant to trick someone out of their property or money. Embezzlement is committed by white collar workers with access to the finances of a business or entity, such as an accountant. It involves theft of money or equipment from a business or similar entity. Fraud can take many forms. But when it involves unlawfully taking property from someone else, it is considered a white collar property crime. Another example is extortion, in which you threaten someone in order to take their property or money.

Blue Collar Property Crime

Blue collar property crime is usually handled much differently than white collar crime. Blue collar property crime may involve theft of property or destruction of property. Examples of blue collar property crime include arson, robbery, larceny, burglary, and vandalism. These types of crimes may cause a fine, but most often jail time, community service, or probation are the typical punishments.

If you have been accused of a property crime, it is important that you have legal representation experienced in the type of crime you have committed. We are experts in handling white collar property crime cases. If you have been accused of white collar property crime, contact us today for a case evaluation.