Will My Business Transaction Have to Go to Court? What Happens Then? August 28, 2020 | Business Transactions

business transaction courtBusiness managers understand well that their operation runs on transactions of various types that include both implied and written contracts. The whole of the U.S. and Florida economies depend on this activity on a daily basis. It is a natural fact that these exponential numbers of interactions between contracting agents will generate disputes that must be settled in some format, many times actually winding up in court. This is a scenario that many do not really want to see because the final outcome when the court system applies the law may not be what either party wants. The most effective method in avoiding business litigation is to negotiate an agreement, which can often be accomplished by retaining an experienced FL business transaction lawyer like the legal professionals at The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates.

Avoiding Business Litigation

There are two primary forms of alternative dispute resolution available to parties involved in a disagreement. Those legal processes are mediation and arbitration. Mediation is an informal discussion process that is intended to result in an enforceable binding agreement between the parties that rectifies the problem. The negotiation is held in a private setting and no record of the event is available for public viewing. All parties can air their grievances in private and be more detailed in the discussion. Arbitration is a much more restricted process where all parties present their case to the court and allow a team of magistrates to apply the law and issue a ruling. Arbitration rulings also cannot be appealed, which can also be highly problematic.

When Litigation is Necessary

There are many cases where ADR does not work and the case goes to court for a full presentation by legal counselors from all parties. And the process can be very technical and require aggressive experienced legal representation for a successful outcome regarding litigant business interests. Having the right attorney when going to court is vital, and the attorney you choose can make a major difference in the Florida court system.

Contact a Palm Beach Business Attorney

Never allow a business transaction dispute to worsen when it can be avoided by legal negotiation. Florida business operators should always call The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates business litigation lawyers in Palm Beach for comprehensive representation.