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Shareholder Disputes: Difference in Compensation and Contribution 

There are many causes of shareholder disputes. Someone may breach the shareholder agreement or simply disagree with the company’s direction. The minority shareholders may feel disrespected. Fiduciary duties may get mishandled. However, one significant cause of conflict between shareholders is the difference in compensation and contribution. This problem typically arises among employee shareholders who feel […]

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Non-Compete Agreement: Protecting Trade Secrets and Confidential Information in Florida

Since your employees know your business, a Non-Compete Agreement (NCA) protects your trade secrets from your competition. An NCA is a legal document in which your employees promise not to work for your direct competitors for a limited period after leaving your employment. If you have workers in Tampa Bay, you need a Florida non-compete […]

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Florida Businesses that need Non-Compete Agreements

Florida Companies That Need Non-Compete Agreements Different businesses and industries can benefit from non-compete agreements. The legal protection isn’t just limited to the tech world with programs and software secrets to protect. In fact, just about any company with a client list, product design, sensitive information, confidential data, and advantageous contracts or products should be […]

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Common Business Mergers Issues

Preparation, strategy, and negotiation structuring that anticipate potential challenges and concerns are the keys to most successful Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Identifying and addressing these present legal challenges ahead of the deal with your Tampa business lawyers is critical to success. Domestic Mergers Common issues when merging domestic businesses in Florida include : Choosing the […]

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Common Business Disputes

No Tampa, Florida business owner ever expects to have a dispute with other businesses or anyone else, so when a situation does arise, it can be surprising and stressful. If you’re a business owner and you’re experiencing some type of dispute related to your company, then you’re likely trying to decide how to resolve the […]

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How to Negotiate a Business Divorce

September 10, 2021 | Business Litigation

Do you live in Palm Harbor FL? Are you currently involved in the dissolution of a business relationship and need some legal help? If this is you, contact The Law Office of Robert Eckard & Associates. Do you wonder what a business divorce is? Frequently, a business divorce is what you think it is. It […]

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